Mission & Values

Our mission at MasTec is to be recognized as a company that achieves customer expectations safely, profitably and in a manner that is rewarding for both our customers and our team.

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In 1929, two unemployed carpenters – Russell Burnup and Riley Sims – envisioned creating a construction company that would serve the growing telecommunications and civil construction market in Florida and, eventually, the Southeast.

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Meet our CEO, COO and executive VPs to learn more about their background and expertise.

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Board of Directors

Meet Jorge and Jose Mas, and the rest of the Directors on the Board.

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At MasTec, safety isn't just a priority - it's a core value. Safety is a mindset and an attitude that all MasTec employees carry with them on a daily basis.

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MasTec's implementation of innovative ideas and support from dedicated customers enables us to experience growth and greater achievements with each new project we take on.

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Department of Defense, civilian, intelligence, and partnerships.

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As the MasTec family continues to grow, we have aligned ourselves with a variety of respected industry associations, and worked to benefit from their support.

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Contractor Licenses

Access our contract license numbers, by state.

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