As one of the nation's leading electric transmission companies, MasTec is an EPC contractor and constructs efficient and reliable power plants and electrical transmission and distribution systems. Our extensive workforce includes both union and non-union teams which, combined with our massive equipment fleet, allows us to effectively meet our clients' needs for electrical transmission and distribution, emergency restoration and ongoing maintenance. We've been involved in some of the most challenging and recognizable electric transmission and distribution projects across the U.S. We've joint-trenched in Dallas suburbs, rebuilt underground distribution systems in Charlotte, installed high voltage electric transmission lines through the environmentally sensitive Florida wetlands, worked around the clock to restore power, and more.

From the electric power plant, to the substations, and even the light bulbs on the streets, our experienced managers and crews consistently deliver electrical transmission and distribution services with an unfailing commitment to safety, emergency restoration, and environmental concerns.

Electric Power services:

Power Generation

Power Generation >

No matter what the power source, MasTec has the equipment, crews, and resources necessary to deliver efficient, environmentally responsible solutions for even the most sophisticated power-generation requirements.

Transmission Systems

Transmission Systems >

From remote rural locations to busy downtown streets, our crews deliver overhead and underground electrical transmission and distribution services in even the most challenging terrains and circumstances.

Substations and Switchyards

Substations and Switchyards >

MasTec works with investor owned utilities, cooperatives, and municipalities to successfully manage all phases of substation and switchyard construction.

Distribution Systems

Distribution Systems >

We construct, expand, restore, and maintain every aspect of electricity distribution.

Emergency Restoration

Emergency Restoration >

When natural disaster and severe weather strike, MasTec's emergency response crews and equipment fleets are there to repair systems and restore power as quickly as possible.

Smart Grid

Smart Grid >

Electricity is generated and delivered in the most efficient manner, reducing the need for additional infrastructure and minimizing outage impacts to customers.


Maintenance >

We work on an individual or system-wide basis that includes equipment inspection, repair and replacement, facility upkeep, and emergency restoration.