High voltage electrical transmission and distribution systems.

MasTec efficiently constructs and installs quality end-to-end electrical transmission and distribution systems. From remote rural locations to busy downtown streets, our crews deliver overhead and underground electrical transmission and distribution services in even the most challenging terrains and circumstances, and our experience has given us a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and hazards of high-voltage power line operations. We work closely with our clients (and their partners) to ensure the highest levels of safety, overall environmental stewardship, and the proper energizing of each project.

As a leader in the development of renewable power generation facilities, such as wind farms and solar power facilities, MasTec provides the full range of infrastructure construction services necessary to move wind energy and solar power from open fields to neighborhoods and businesses.

Transmission and Distribution Services:


  • Civil Construction

    Excavation, access roads / right of ways, duct bank / trench construction, foundation and caisson installation

  • Structure Installations and Rebuild (energized or d-energized)

    Concrete, hybrid, lattice steel reinforcement and modifications, light-weight steel pole, steel pole, and wood pole.

  • Conductor, OPGW and ADSS Stringing

Emergency Restoration and Maintenance

  • Bare-hand Services (up to 500kV)