From national defense to civilian infrastructure, we have the geographical footprint, technical expertise, and hard assets to serve the U.S. government agencies in designing, building, installing and maintaining the most challenging infrastructure project requirements. Our workforce of highly trained professionals and extensive equipment assets enable us to provide turn-key, full life-cycle solutions for communications, energy, water and wastewater projects. Our teams consistently deliver results that meet and exceed client expectations, on time and within budget. MasTec services are available under numerous Federal contract vehicles including GWACs, IDIQs and BPAs (PDF). Our credentials are extensive and impeccable and our successfully-completed projects serve as testimonials to our dedication to quality and customer service.

Government services:

Department of Defense

Department of Defense >

Our highly-skilled, DoD-experienced workforce stands ready to support the U.S. Armed Forces on any project requiring permanent or deployable energy, communications, resource infrastructure and network development.


Civilian >

We deliver solutions for communications, energy, water and sewer necessities to benefit government agencies, regardless of project size or scope.


Intelligence >

As a leader in high-security operations and events, we build, install, and maintain information and communication delivery systems vital to our nation's intelligence community.


Partnerships >

MasTec values both its large and small business partners and is committed to forging new alliances. With diversification, we are able to deliver complementary services and products, providing our customers with best value solutions on a national scale.