MasTec is a leading specialty contractor that designs, builds, installs, maintains and upgrades critical communications, utilities and government infrastructure, vital to our nation's economy. Telephone, high-speed Internet, electric, water, sewer, natural gas, wireless, wind, satellite and cable television are the areas in which our workforce touches the lives of millions. Collectively, MasTec employs one of the largest independent installation fulfillment forces in the United States, completing over 25 million installations annually.

Our beliefs are directly influenced and inspired by the long, diverse history of MasTec, Inc. Since 1929, MasTec has affected the lives of their customers, employees and transformed the lives of millions of people. From restoring power in an area damaged by natural disaster to introducing communications to a rural community.

The values and culture we instill our employees are straightforward and embraced among a workforce comprised of 8,200 men and women. We believe in working quickly, safely and with precision while providing unmatched customer service. We understand that executing our work efficiently and professionally equates to significant outcomes and presents new opportunities for our clients, customers and employees.

Today, MasTec is continuing its growth by acquiring companies that strategically align with our core expertise – underground and aerial infrastructure development. By folding companies under the MasTec name and hiring personnel with specialized expertise, we continue to broaden our capabilities and geographic reach to serve the utility companies, communications businesses, and the federal government with underground and aerial construction, design and engineering, and equipment installation services. Recently, we have expanded into lifestyle technologies that improve safety, air quality, entertainment and energy saving controls within residential and commercial applications.

Installations / Fulfillment services:

Satellite TV Contract Fulfillment

Satellite TV Contract Fulfillment >

MasTec Advanced Technologies is one of the largest DIRECTV installation and service companies in the United States, serving over 200,000 customers each month in single family homes or local businesses.

Residential Installations

Residential Installations >

In today's world, lifestyle technologies for the home and workplace have become more complex but offer a vast new range of solutions. ADVEnt, a MasTec company, has been consistent in helping thousands of customers and business owners understand these new products and how they can improve comfort, health, safety and overall quality of life inside the home or workplace.