Capitalizing on our expertise in electrical transmission power systems, MasTec is one of the nation's leading contractors for the construction and engineering of wind farms, solar energy facilities and geothermal power plants. Whether we're designing, building, expanding, or maintaining your facility, we have the experience and resources to maximize efficiencies during construction and throughout the facility's operation. Our expertise allows us to develop cleaner, more sustainable solutions for a variety of renewable energy power sources, including wind farms, solar energy facilities and geothermal plants. We help clients determine the optimal site, size, materials, construction methods and design features to meet their needs, and we continually work to increase their return on investment. By keeping a constant focus on safety and innovation, we're able to provide the most effective and socially responsible solutions to the world's changing energy needs.

Renewable Energy services:


Solar >

Cost-effective solar facilities construction from the ground up, helping our clients meet growing needs for clean, sustainable power and ongoing energy conservation.


Wind >

We help our clients engineer and construct wind farms that meet both short- and long-term power demands.

Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels >

We're pioneering the design and construction of facilities powered by a wide variety of innovative energy sources, including biomass, ethanol, bio-diesel, methane and more.