Maximizing the flow of high voltage electric power.

Our nation's power grid has served well for many years, but with a higher demand and infrastructure growth, it is quickly running up against its limitations. As a result, utilities have begun implementing smart grid concepts - often with government assistance - to regulate power flows and improve compatibility with consumer usage patters.  Smart Grid also ensures that essential services such as police departments, hospitals, grocery stores, critical lighting and communication systems remain operational even during rolling blackouts or extreme stress on electrical infrastructures.

The Smart Grid is a collection of energy control and monitoring devices that regulate the flow of power similar to the way traffic lights and stop signs regulate traffic. Transforming our country's current grid to the Smart Grid has increased efficiency, decreased interruptions, and is entirely compatible for future energy advancements.

Mastec's team of electrical experts install and maintain the most complex customer upgrades from smart-metering to communications backhaul solutions, and the new power distribution technology. We meet the challenges this industry demands and remain leaders in supporting device manufacturers, municipalities, and utility companies throughout our country.


Proactive training program capable of cross-training existing crew members to support specific installation protocols

Field tested and proven documentation processes and procedures

Large fleet capacity with rebranding capabilities to match customer-service needs

Scalable workforce to meet installation deadlines

Logistical processes and procedures

Inventory control

Call-center operations

Meter installations and retrofits

Meter-reading services

Technical support

Automated quality assurance/control program

Defined-safety programs