All Industries

Electric Power

Recovered Energy Generation – R.E.G. Units >

MT, MN, ND — MasTec constructs of five R.E.G sites (5.5MW each) in the mid-western states of Montana, Minnesota and North Dakota.

Spiritwood Station – 99MW Combined Heat and Power Plant Construction >

Spiritwood, ND — MasTec constructed the first Combined Heat and Power plant in the state of North Dakota.

Dominion Electrical Transmission and Distribution Construction Services Contract >

SC, NC, WV — MasTec has developed a close working relationship with Dominion over the years and continues to support Dominion's overall electrical transmission and distribution construction goals and objectives.

North Valley 500/230KV High Voltage Transmission Line >

Pinnacle Peak, AZ — MasTec was contracted to erect the North Valley 500/230 KV electrical transmission line.

National Grid 115kv Steel Structure Reinforce & Reconductor High Voltage Electric Transmission Line >

MA, NH — Reinforced 52 miles of 115kv steel lattice towers, removed old conductor wire and replaced it with new shield wire and OPGW.

Kibby Mountain Wind Farms Collector System 34.5kv Project >

Kibby, ME — Transcanada contracted MasTec to construct 32 miles of a 34kv electric power line collector system for a new wind farm.

New Madrid – Kennett 69 KV Electric Power Line Rebuild Phase 1 and 2 >

New Madrid, MO — 85 miles of complete rebuild and rewire of electric power line conductor and OPGW.

Oil / Gas

Illinois Lateral #2 Hydrostatic Testing Project >

Chicago, IL — Kinder Morgan awarded MasTec the hydrostatic testing of 127 miles of 24" Pipeline.

Horn River Basin Sales Line >

Horn River, British Columbia — 31km of 20 NPS and 9km of 6" fibrespar in common ditch with 2 large HDD bores.

Bringham, Chaffee, Verex and Angie Natural Gas Pipeline Projects >

Wyalusing, PA — Pipeline construction services included installation of 8.7 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines, 10 pig traps, 7 mainline valves and 7 skid mounted pad level runs.

Petrohawk / Hawk Field Natural Gas Pipeline >

Cotulla, TX — Petrohawk engaged MasTec construction services to install 30 miles of 16" steel natural gas pipeline.

Pecan Natural Gas Pipeline >

Stanley, ND — Pipeline construction services included the installation of 85 miles of steel natural gas pipeline and 30 miles of poly pipeline.

Paradise Speedway, and Harrison Valley Natural Gas Pipeline >

Sabinsville, PA — Projects consisting of the installation of 2.25 miles of 12"-16" natural gas pipelines, the removal of 3 pig traps, and the foundations and installation for 2 pig traps and mainline valves.

Sandridge Energy: West Texas Natural Gas Pipeline >

TX — Pipeline construction services included instatllation of 35 miles of 24" steel natural gas pipeline, including several directional drills in rock.

Kingston, Louisiana Natural Gas Pipeline Construction >

Kingston, LA — 14 miles of 36" steel pipeline for natural gas, numerous directional drills, and 2600' of 36" HDD

Talisman Energy Natural Gas Pipeline Projects >

NY & PA — Talisman Energy awarded MasTec a blanket contract for the installation of approximately 26 miles of 8"-20" natural gas pipelines.

Three Rivers, Texas Natural Gas Pipeline (Part A) >

Three Rivers, TX — 13.5 miles of 12" steel pipeline installed for natural gas.

Nacogdoches County Natural Gas Pipeline >

Nacogdoches County, TX — Pipeline construction services included installation of 90,000' of 20" steel natural gas pipeline and 71,280' of 24" steel natural pipeline

Chief Oil & Gas: Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Projects >

Williamsport, PA — Pipeline construction services included the installation of 21 miles of 6"-16" natural gas pipelines.

Streator to Manhattan Oil Pipeline >

Joliet, IL — Oil pipeline construction project included installation of 46 miles of 20" oil pipeline with approximately 11,000' of 20" horizontal directional drills, numerous wetland crossings and the installation of mainline valves.

Dallas Gas Distribution Pipeline >

Dallas, TX — Installation of 11,000 feet of 6", 4", and 2" polyethylene natural gas pipeline by the insertion process.

Anadarko Petroleum: Encinal, Texas Oil Pipeline >

Encinal, TX — 3 miles of 6" steel oil pipeline, 3 miles of 6" steel oil pipeline

Uniontown / Bedford Natural Gas Pipelines Discharge Projects >

Uniontown & Chambersburg, PA — Spectra Energy awarded MasTec the Uniontown and Bedford Natural Gas Pipelines Discharge Projects and the Uniontown and Bedford Uprate Projects.

Oneok Arbuckle Natural Gas Pipeline >

Grandview, TX — Pipeline construction services included installation of 95 miles of 16" steel natural gas pipeline and several directional drills.

Ruby Natural Gas Pipeline >

Winnemucca, NV — Construction of natural gas pipeline includes the fabrication of mainline valves, launchers and receivers, and associated foundations.

Nacogdoches, Texas Natural Gas Pipeline >

Nacogdoches, TX — 17,000' of 8" steel pipeline, 14,000' of 12" steel pipeline, 20,104' of 16" steel pipeline, 247,366' of 24" steel pipeline.

Grand Cache Natural Gas Pipeline >

Grande Cache, Alberta — Pipeline construction services included installation of 75,000m of 3 & 6" insulated natural gas pipeline, ESD stations and plant tie-ins.

Tupper Field Sales Line >

Tupper Field, British Columbia — 29,000m NEB 12" YJ sales line

Grand Junction, Colorado Natural Gas Pipeline Construction >

Grand Junction, CO — 14,400' of 12" Steel Natural Gas Pipeline 11,200' of 8" Steel Natural Gas Pipeline

Meritage Midstream: Natural Gas Pipeline, Webb County, Texas >

Webb County, TX — 140,228' of 16" steel natural gas pipeline installed.

Frio County, McMullen County, and Lasalle County Natural Gas Pipeline >

TX — Pipeline construction services included installation of 53 miles of 16" steel natural gas pipeline, and numerous directional drills.

Millennium Natural Gas Pipeline >

Deposit, NY — Includes installation of 59 miles of 30" natural gas pipeline, 9 mainline valves, 2 traps and approximately 16 miles of wetland crossings.

Southern Access Oil Pipeline >

Hayward, WI — Project included the installation of 45 miles of 42" oil pipeline and 165 miles of 20" oil pipeline, as well as building over 25 miles of frost roads.

Tupper West GGS >

Tupper Field, British Columbia — In 25km ROW, installation of 98km of pipe made up of dual 16 and triple 4 NPS pipe in common ditch which included 2 km muskeg, and bore support.

Three Rivers, Texas Natural Gas Pipeline (Part B) >

Three Rivers, TX — Pipeline construction services included installation of 15 miles of 16" steel natural gas pipeline.

Northern Lights Natural Gas Pipeline >

Owatonna, MN — Northern Natural Gas has awarded MasTec the installation of 56 miles of 36", 30" and 24" natural gas pipeline.

Water / Sewer / Civil

Riverside Park Sanitary Sewer Project 10578 – B & C >

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Extended sanitary sewer service to an area of the City that was unsewered and used septic tanks for disposal of residential and commercial sewage.

St. Lucie County Canal Banks Repairs C-24 >

St. Lucie County, Florida — Furnish all materials, labor, tools and equipment required to repair nearly 4 linear miles (20,300 LF) of the C-24 canal banks.

Saint Lucia, Allan Bousquet Highway >

Gros Islet, Saint Lucia — The Alan Bousquet Highway project consisted of complete reconstruction of approximately 6.6km of existing highway road pavement, including construction of curb and gutter drains (Type 2 and 2B), masonry U-drains (Type 1B and 1C), retaining walls, culverts, and all other incidentals required to complete work stipulated in the contract documents.

Broward County Filtration System >

Pompano Beach, Florida — Replacement of existing WTP filtration media, filter surface wash agitator systems and filter under drains.

Tamarac Water Storage Tank and WTP Improvements >

Tamarac, Florida — This City of Tamarac project consists of the construction of finished water storage and high-service pumping improvements at the existing City of Tamarac Water Treatment Plant, located at 7803 NW 61st Street,Tamarac, Florida.

Glades County Canal Bank Repairs C-39A & C-40 >

West Palm Beach, Florida — Furnish all materials, labor, tools and equipment required to repair approximately 10 linear miles (55,070 LF) of the C-39A and C-40 canal banks.

South Central Regional RAS, Sludge and Headworks Upgrade >

Delray Beach, Florida — Furnish and installation of four (4) horizontal non-clog centrifugal pumps, check valves and gate valves at the Plant-A RAS Pump Station.

Dania Beach Ground Storage Water Tank & Pump Station >

Dania Beach, Florida — Project included a 2 million gallon prestressed concrete-finished water ground storage tank with a new 11,000 gallon per minute (gpm) capacity high service pump station consisting of five vertical turbine pumps with variable frequency drives (VFD), and an emergency power generator.

City of Marathon Sewer and Stormwater Project, Areas 4&6 >

Marathon, FL — Installation of over 100,000 LF of vacuum sewer lines, 1000plus sewer lateral connections, force main, water re-use and 40,000+ LF of stormwater lines and improvements.

Deerfield Beach Concentrate Pumping Station >

Deerfield Beach, Florida — The City of Deerfield Beach Water Department supplies more than 52,000 homes and business throughout its community with high quality water.

Fort Lauderdale General Construction Services Contract #2 >

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Includes sanitary sewer, water main replacement, forcemains, wellfield expansions and water treatment plant renovations.

Hillsboro ASR Project >

West Palm Beach, Florida — The basic operation of the facility will be to treat water from the Hillsboro Canal by screening, filtration, and UV disinfection, then to pump it underground via the existing ASR well.

Westgate Sanitary Sewer System >

Plantation, Florida — The Westgate Lake Manor subdivision consists of 162 homes serviced by on-site treatment units (septic tanks). The installation of a public sewer system eliminated a large source of pollution affecting their ground and lake water and resulted in much cleaner and safer environment. The installation of a new water main system also provided higher flow for both consumption and fire protection.

Sombrero Beach Road Wastewater Project >

Marathon, Florida, Florida — Installation of approximately 9,500 LF of SDR 21 vacuum main, including vacuum pits, branch connections, laterals, clean outs and associated fitting sand valves, 9,025 LF of SCH 80 PVC reuse water main,3,980 LF of SDR 21 sewage transmission main, and approximately 3,300 LF of 18” HDPE.

Palm Beach County Canal Repair L-12 >

West Palm Beach, Florida — South Florida Water Management District and GlobeTec operate and maintain approximately 1,800 miles of canals and levees, 25 major pumping stations and about 200 larger and 2,000 smaller water control structures. After the storms of '04 and '05 ravaged the South Florida canal system, many of these canals were stressed beyond their limits and rehabilitation became critical.

Palm Beach County Canal Bank Stabilization C-51 >

West Palm Beach, Florida — Repair work and stabilization of the C-51 canal bank included relocation of existing guardrails, construction of vehicle barrier gates, repair of existing articulated concrete (ACB) mattress systems, re-grading and back-filling canal banks.

Rental Car Facility Project, Broward County, Florida >

Fort Lauderdale, FL — The 4.4-million-square-foot Consolidated Rental Car Facility at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, is one of the largest structures of its kind in the U.S..

Ocean Reef Club – Phase V >

Key West, Florida — The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) is the principal potable water supplier for the Keys. The Keys are a chain of more than 800 islands extending approximately 220 miles southwest from the southern tip of the Florida peninsula and are divided into the Upper,Middle, and Lower Keys. Ocean Reef Club is located in Key Largo at the northern tip of the Upper Keys.

Key Largo Vacuum Collection System Basin A - Phase 3 >

Key Largo, Florida — Development in the Florida Keys historically relied on cesspits and septic tanks for wastewater disposal. These systems provided little treatment due to the regions lack of soil, porous limestone substrate and high ground water table. In 1999, the Florida Legislature established binding treatment and disposal requirements that all Monroe County wastewater management facilities would have to comply with by July 1, 2010.

St. Lucie County Canal Banks Repairs C-25 >

St. Lucie County, Florida — Furnish all materials, labor, tools and equipment required to repair nearly 10 linear miles (55,070 LF) of the C-25 canal banks.

Marlin Bay Yacht Club >

Marathon, Florida — Top-shelf luxury and an adventuresome spirit converge at the Marlin Bay Yacht Club in historical Marathon, just 45 minutes from Key West. Consisting of 84 exquisite single family homes designed in the Dutch Colonial style, these lushly landscaped, dramatic 3-story residences are joined by a state of the art marina and clubhouse with beach entry pool. Priced from $1.9 MM with deep-water boat slips.

Little Venice Expanded Wastewater System >

Key West, Florida — This project, which became a prototype and pilotproject for the Marathon Wastewater System DesignBuild Project, involved an expansion to the Little VeniceWastewater Collection System in Marathon, Florida.

Oakland Park Drainage Improvements & Water Main Replacement >

Oakland Park, Florida — The city of Oakland Park, Florida is responsible for the uninterrupted delivery of safe potable water through mains, and over 9,000 water services for 89,965 linear feet of drainage pipe.

Highlands & Glades County Canal Bank Repair C-41, Phase II >

West Palm Beach, Florida — Furnish all materials, labor, tools and equipment required to repair nearly 4 linear miles (20,300 LF) of the C-24 canal banks

Miami Dade County Spreader Canal Project >

West Palm Beach, Florida — This project includes construction of 4,000 LF of a concrete-lined, above-grade, open channel to convey water from the S-199 as part of the Aerojet Canal Extension, and construction of a 3,800 LF unlined, above-grade, bermed channel connection to the abovegrade-lined channel.

Village of Palm Springs Vacuum Sewer System Improvements >

Palm Springs, Florida — Installation of 13,000 LF vacuum sewer collection main,170 vacuum valves/pits, 1,200 LF water main, and CMU vacuum pump station complete with bio-odor control and200 KW emergency generator. Work included installation of approximately 9,000 feet of sod, restoration and replacement of 11,000 square feet of asphalt, and over2,700 LF of concrete sidewalk and driveways.

City of West Miami Stormwater System Improvements Phase 1B >

West Miami, Florida — City of West Miami's stormwater collection and treatment system construction.

Miami-Dade County ASR Ultraviolet Disinfection System >

Miami, Florida — Construction of two raw water UV disinfection systems for existing aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) wells located at the West and Southwest Well Fields.

City of Cocoa South Mainland Transmission Main >

Cocoa, FL — Construction of approximately 37,000 linear feet of 42" DIP watermain.

Waterworks 2011 >

Fort Lauderdale, FL — $550 million infrastructure program which includes sanitary sewer, water main replacement, forcemains, wellfield expansions and water treatment plant renovations.

Melrose Manor Sanitary Sewer Project 10710-B >

West Palm Beach, FL — Installation of approximately 80,000 LF of various sized sanitary sewer.

City of Plantation Sanitary Sewer System and Water Main Replacement >

Plantation, FL — Improvements to the City of Plantation's sanitary sewer systems.

Palm Beach County Lake Region Water Transmission System >

Palm Beach County, FL — Installation of approximately 80,000 linear feet of water mains and approximately 10,000 linear feet of raw water main.


Engineering and Installation for OEMs >

U.S. — MasTec provides engineering, furnishing and installation (EF&I) services for several OEMs throughout the nation via in-house certified installers.

CenturyLink OSP Construction >

FL & GA — MasTec works with CenturyLink in multiple markets providing Labor and Materials for Outside Plant Construction and Emergency Response services.

Nokia Siemens T-Mobile Modernization Project >

OR, WA, MN, IL, IN — Nokia has been contracted to modernize the T-Mobile network in the US. We are replacing existing base stations and adding state of the art antenna systems to support LTE in the Sprint Network.

National Wireless Carrier: DAS Networks >

SE United States — Installation of multiple DAS networks in some of the most populated areas of the United States.

Abbeville County Broadband Network >

Abbeville, SC — MasTec is working with West Carolina Tel on the deployment of their planned 3 year 1,400 mile Fiber Optic project through the entire service area.

United Telephone OSP Construction >

Dodge City, KS — MasTec constructed over 136 miles of buried underground fiber, and placed copper cable and duct.

Wireless Construction Vendor >

Southeast — MasTec is the primary wireless construction vendor for a major wireless carrier in the southeast and mid-west regions of the country.

Craw-Kan OSP Construction >

Southwest KS — MasTec has provided Outside Plant Construction services to Craw-Kan telephone since 2000 installing over 962 miles of new Telecommunications systems.

Verizon FIOS >

VA, PA, MD, NY, RI, FL, CA, TX — MasTec is one of the most experienced companies in the nation for implementation of fiber FTTX networks.

Aberdeen Proving Ground >

Aberdeen, MD — ISP and OSP fiber and copper cable upgrades at this Army installation.

Fort Monmouth Cable Plant Design and Installation >

Fort Monmouth, NJ — Designed and built a redundant telecommunications pathway.

Eielson AFB Cable Plant Design and Installation >

Fairbanks, AK — Cable infrastructure design for Eielson Air Force Base.

Barksdale AFB Cable Plant Design & Installation >

Shreveport, LA — Cable infrastructure design for this Air Force Base to connect 120 buildings.

Fort Jackson Cable Plant Installation >

Columbia, SC — Installed a large cable plant upgrade at this Army installation in South Carolina

Renewable Energy

Barton Wind Farm Construction, Phases I and II – 180MW >

Barton, IA — Wind farm construction services included roads, foundations, O&M building, turbine erection and wind tower wiring.

Crow Lake Wind Farm Construction - 162MW >

White Lake, South Dakota — Wind farm construction services included erection of 108 CE xle 1.5MW wind turbines near White Lake, South Dakota

Endeavor Wind Farms, Phase II – 50MW >

Harris, IA — Wind farm construction services included roads, foundations, O&M building, wind tower wiring and wind turbine erection.

Panhandle Wind Ranch - 78.2MW >

Wildorado, TX — 78.2MW Panhandle Wind Ranch developed by Cielo Wind Services is owned by Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc. 34 Siemens Mk ll 2.3MW Turbines near Wildorado, Texas

Goat Mountain Wind Farm, Phases I & II – 160MW >

Robert Lee, TX — Wind farm contractor services included wind farm construction, electric power collection, substations, O&M building, tower wiring and wind turbine erection.

Willows, California Solar Power Project >

Willows, CA — Solar power construction project consisting of a 380KV system.

Langdon Wind Farm, Phase II – 40MW >

Langdon, ND — Wind farm construction services included foundations, electrical collection, wind turbine erection, substations.

Glacial Lakes Energy – Fermentation and BOP Expansion – Concrete >

Watertown, SD — Services included fermentation and BOP expansion – concrete.

Rockland Wind Farm - 79.2MW >

American Falls, Idaho — Wind farm construction included erection of 44 Vestas V100 1.8MW wind turbines near American Falls, Idaho

Laredo Ridge Wind Farm Construction - 81MW >

Boone County, Nebraska — Erection of 54 GE xle 1.5MW wind turbines in Boone County, Nebraska

Douglas County Schools Solar Power Project - Installation of BIPV >

Denver, CO — BOP procurement and construction services for build out of 3.1mw of BIPV over 31 rooftops to provide solar power to schools.

Cedro Hill Wind Farm – 150MW >

Laredo, TX — MasTec was engaged as BOP contractor to erect 100 GE 1.5MW wind turbines.

Kit Carson Wind Farm Construction - 51MW >

Burlington, CO — Wind farm construction services employed included roads, foundations, electrical and tower wiring, and wind turbine erection.

Charles City Wind Farm – 75MW >

Charles City, IA — Wind farm construction services included roads, foundations, electric power collection, and wind turbine erection.

Endeavor Wind Farm - Gearbox Replacement >

Harris, IA — Wind farm construction services included gearbox replacement and erection of wind turbines.

Cornhusker Energy – Design / Build Services >

Lexington, NE — Services for a company dedicated to adding value to central Nebraska's corn production.

Renault Winery Solar Power Generation – 1.2mw DC >

Egg Harbor City, NJ — Turn-key solar power construction services for a 1.2mw DC ground mounted PV system.

Taloga Wind Farm Construction- - 129.6MW >

Putnam, Oklahoma — Erection of 54 Mitsubishi MWT95 2.4MW Wind Turbines near Putnam, Oklahoma

Clipper Windpower Wind Farm >

Jeffers, MN — Tower and wind turbine erection for a company engaged in wind energy technology, wind turbine manufacturing, and wind project development.

Cedar Hills and Diamond Willow Phase II Wind Farm Construction – 30MW >

ND & MT — Wind farm construction services employed included roads, foundations, electrical, and wind tower wiring.

Top of the World Wind Farm – 200MW >

Glenrock, WY — MasTec was engaged as BOP construction contractor to erect 66 GE 1.5MW and 44 Siemens 2.3MW wind turbines.

Wilton Wind Farm I and II – 100MW >

Wilton, ND — Wind farm construction services included BOP contractor to erect 65 GE 1.5MW wind turbines.

Rugby Wind Farm Construction – 149MW >

Rugby, ND — MasTec Construction was engaged as BOP contractor to erect 71 Suzlon 2.1MW wind turbines.


General Mitchell Air Reserve Base >

— Design for an underground fiber-optic network interconnecting 47 buildings located on the base

Lackland Air Force Base >

San Antonio, TX — Integrating communications network to 370 buildings and 13 main communications nodes.

Fort Riley >

Fort Riley, KS — Designed and installed a large OSP fiber cable upgrade at Fort Riley.

Shaw Air Force Base Cable Plant Design & Installation >

Sumter, SC — Designed and installed a new fiber-optic network to interconnect 148 buildings.

Charleston Air Force Base Cable Plant Design & Installation >

Charleston, SC — Performed a 2-phase design-build for a new outside fiber optic backbone networking 127 buildings on the base.

China Lake Naval Facility Cable Plant Design & Installation >

Ridgecrest, CA — Comprehensive design effort and installation of fiber optic network.

Presidential Inauguration Project >

Washington, DC and Northern Virginia — Two month project to provide an integrated wireless communications network including 11 Five star hotels to support the increased demands during the inauguration.

Fifth Summit of the Americas, 2009 >

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago — A turn-key solution supporting the increased communication requirements during the Summit.

University of Alabama Wireless Communications >

Tuscaloosa, AL — Design, engineering, installation, and integration of a wireless solution to address additional communication requirements during football season.