Water / Sewer / Civil project

Drainage Improvements & Water Main Replacement

Oakland Park, Florida | City of Oakland Park - Public Works Department

The city of Oakland Park, Florida is responsible for the uninterrupted delivery of safe potable water through mains, and over 9,000 water services for 89,965 linear feet of drainage pipe. This includes periodic repairs and replacement of existing drainage systems to insure efficient operation.
Installation of 1,545 LF of 4'H x 8'W exfiltration trench  with 24" PHDPE pipe. Catch basin structures with overflow weirs and drainage pipes were installed and connected to the exfiltration trench system. Work included road and driveway reconstruction with applicable striping, relocation of municipal utilities, installation of 1,810 LF water main, removal and abandonment of existing mains, and sod restoration.