Water / Sewer / Civil project

City of Cocoa South Mainland Transmission Main

Cocoa, FL | City of Cocoa Utility Department

Brevard County, Florida

Conducted the construction of a new water transmission main. The pipeline conveys potable water from an existing 54-inch pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP), located at the intersection of King Street West and Tucker Lane. The pipeline extends to the intersection of Fiske Trail and Fiske Boulevard.

Scope of Work

Construction of approximately 37,000 linear feet of 42" DIP water main, water connections to existing piping, construction of several 42" aerial crossings, micro-tunneling at four different locations, including three under a major interstate highway.

Services Employed

  • Water main pipe construction and installation
  • Construction of a pipeline access / maintenance roadway through wetlands
  • Water main connections
  • Micro-tunneling
  • Dewatering and Water Disposal
  • Pressure testing
  • Pipe disinfection and Pipe cleaning
  • Dechlorination
  • Bacteriological testing
  • Road, sidewalk and drive repair
  • Maintenance of traffic
  • Storm water structure reconstruction, repair and removal