Water / Sewer / Civil project

Waterworks 2011

Fort Lauderdale, FL | City of Fort Lauderdale

City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Waterworks 2011 is a $550 million infrastructure program which includes sanitary sewer, water main replacement, force mains, well field expansions and water treatment plant renovations all to be completed in 2011 by the City's 100 year anniversary. As part of the program, sanitary sewer service was extended throughout the entire Riverside Park and Melrose Manor neighborhoods; areas of the City which were as yet unsewered and utilizing septic tanks for disposal of both residential and commercial sewage. The work was undertaken by the city to mitigate the long term, unacceptable impact of septic tanks upon ground water and adjacent surface water, particularly in urban areas.

Scope of Work

Installed 109,000 linear feet of sanitary line, 9,200 linear feet of 8" force main, 5,500 linear feet of 8" and 16" water main and 2,500 lateral sewer connections. All required sidewalk, drive and roadway restoration.

Services Employed

  • Installation of gravity sanitary sewer systems
  • Sidewalk, drive and roadway restoration