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Five Mile to Homer Hill Reconductor Project

Transmission Construction | Olean, NY

Scope of Work

The Five Mile to Homer Hill reconductoring project included reconductoring the double circuit 152/167 115kV transmission lines for approximately 14.4 circuit miles with 795 kcmil “Drake” conductor. Installed 7.2 miles of one 3/8 inch EHS shield-wire and 7.2 miles of one OPGW. Also included was the installation of 45 double circuit wood structures, 10 single circuit steel pole structures, and reinforcing of 5 lattice towers. Due to outage restrictions, all structures were replaced under energized conditions by 3Phase Live Line Team using barehand work methods.

Services Employed

  • 14.4 circuit miles of 795 kcmil 26/7 ACSR “Drake” conductor and associated hardware
  • 7.2 miles of one 3/8 inch EHS shieldwire with associated hardware
  • 7.2 miles of one 48 fiber Brugg 101AY47ACS-2C OPGW with associated hardware
  • 45 double circuit wood 2-pole davit arm dead-end structures
  • 10 single circuit steel pole davit arm dead-end structures
  • 10 steel reinforced concrete caisson foundations
  • Reinforcement for five semi-anchor lattice towers
  • Conductor and shield-wire hardware replacement at 22 structures
  • 36 guy and anchors assemblies
  • Signage and grounding to the current standard
  • Install and maintain Storm Water Prevention Pollution Plan (SWPPP)
  • Installed/improved access roads as shown in bid package

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