Sustainability – Our Commitment

As a leading infrastructure construction services provider, we are committed to conducting our operations in a safe, diverse and socially responsible manner that benefits our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, subcontractors, suppliers, investors and the communities in which we operate.  Sustainability principles and practices are embedded within our strategy, risk management and day-to-day operations.  We regularly engage with our investors, employees, customers, subcontractors, suppliers and communities to understand the priority sustainability issues for our business. 

Investment in sustainable business opportunities is a key component of our business strategy for future growth.  Through the services we provide, we help to modernize, connect and make our communities safer and more sustainable while helping to build our nation’s infrastructure, including the development and expansion of our nation’s clean energy footprint and the transformation of our electrical grid and pipeline infrastructure.  The telecommunications and install-to-the home services we provide are also expected to play a key role in expanding connectivity to and within homes and communities, including in rural areas, facilitating the transformation to an inclusive and sustainable future. 

We believe that sustainability is central to our mission and success.  The Nominating, Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board of Directors has oversight of sustainability-oriented matters for MasTec, including overseeing and periodically reviewing MasTec’s integration of corporate responsibility and sustainability, including environmental, social and governance principles and climate-related issues, into our business strategy and decision-making processes.

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